Malls Near Begur Road

Malls Near Begur Road

The term “malls near Begur Road” refers to commercial complexes that are located in proximity to Begur Road, a well-known area in South-East Bengaluru. These malls are large buildings or groups of buildings designed to accommodate retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses that service the needs of the residents of nearby localities, including those residing in luxurious residential townships like Prestige Southern Star.

Here’s how Prestige Southern Star is connected to some of the most sought-after malls in the vicinity:

1. The Forum Mall: A comprehensive shopping venue on Hosur Road with a variety of stores, a cinema, and dining options.

2. Royal Meenakshi Mall: Situated on Bannerghatta Road, it offers an extensive retail experience with a food court and a children's play area.

3. Jayanagar Shopping Complex: A vibrant market in Jayanagar for affordable traditional Indian goods and local food.

4. UB City: Located on Vittal Mallya Road, this is a premium destination for luxury shopping and dining.

5. Orion Mall: Offers a mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment options in Malleswaram.

6. Garuda Mall: A popular mall on Magrath Road with diverse retail and entertainment options.

7. Mantri Square Mall: One of the largest malls on Sampige Road, Malleswaram, with a variety of stores and eateries.

8. Commercial Street: Known for budget-friendly shopping and local cuisine.

9. The Forum Neighborhood Mall: A boutique shopping experience with unique stores, located just 5 km from Prestige Southern Star.

10. Vega City Mall: A blend of international and Indian brands along with dining and entertainment, around 9 km from Prestige Southern Star.

Residents of Prestige Southern Star have the advantage of being near these retail havens, enhancing their urban lifestyle with convenience and luxury.

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