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Prestige Group

Prestige Group is one of India's successful real estate developers. It has changed the skyline of major cities. One of its distinguishing characteristics is Prestige Group's unwavering pursuit of architectural greatness. The group's portfolio features a remarkable assortment of retail, commercial, and residential spaces that expertly blend practical design with visual appeal. Every building showcases its meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to crafting amazing structures by fusing residential and commercial spaces to create well-designed communal areas.

The newest famous project added by Prestige Group is called Prestige Southern Star. They've significantly altered the city's skyline with the growth of the residential, business, retail, leisure, and hospitality sectors. Utilizing the best materials and techniques, the company is renowned for its exceptional building quality, creating properties with long lifespans.

Prestige Group is an example of excellence in the real estate sector. Its innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction legacy has shaped skylines across the country and left an unforgettable mark on urban living. As the Prestige Group continues to evolve and expand, its uncompromising commitment to excellence ensures it remains at the top of the real estate industry.

Key Points which make Prestige Group better than other companies:

  • Transparency in Business Operation
  • Experienced Individuals Leading the Group
  • Better Market Analysis Team
  • On-Time completion of Projects

Prestige Group have completed 285 projects across the country, covering 170 million square feet of area. There are 54 ongoing projects across different cities, building up to 75 million square feet of area. The Prestige Group have an asset of 700 acres of land under its name, and the company's total valuation is around 120 cross USD.

Prestige Southern Star is one of the upcoming township projects of Prestige Group on Begur Road in South Bangalore.

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