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In the real estate sector, location is crucial. Properly located properties are always in high demand. It is because these places are well situated close to public transportation, major roads, hospitals, and other essential facilities. Begur Road is one such neighbourhood in South Bangalore.

Prestige Southern Star is located on Begur Road, South Bangalore, 560076. Due to its excellent transportation links, the Begur Road in South Bangalore is a desirable address. Easy access to the city’s main connecting roadways is provided by the project location, including

  • MG Road
  • NH 44
  • Hosur Road


Prestige Southern Star Address

Prestige Southern Star’sStar’s address is DLF Newtown, Akshayanagar, Begur Road, South Bangalore, Karnataka 560076. The project is perfectly situated, with quick access to all the facilities. Additionally, it offers strong connectivity to the city’s main areas.


Prestige Southern Star connectivity

Connectivity denotes the density of connections in path or road networks and the directness of links. A well-connected network has many short links, intersections, and minimal dead-ends.

Strategically located on Begur Road, Prestige Southern Star offers easy access to any city area. Every kind of transportation is available to the locals. Living in this project makes commuting more convenient.

Airport connectivity

Airport connectivity

Through NH 44 and Bellary Road, the project location provides convenient and stress-free transportation to Kempegowda International Airport.

  • Kempegowda International Airport – 45.9 km

Metro Connectivity

Metro Connectivity

One of the main metro lines in Bangalore is the Namma Metro Yellow Line, sometimes referred to as the East-West Corridor. This 18.82 km line connects RV Road station and Bommasandra, two significant localities. It is predicted that the new line will begin service in February 2024. The project location will be more connected thanks to this future metro line.

  • Singsandra metro station – 3.5 km
  • Kudlu metro station – 3.8 km

BMTC Connectivity

BMTC Connectivity

The project site provides convenient access to South Bangalore’s main bus stops. It lowers the danger of travel and facilitates getting to the goal. Only a short stroll separates the bus stops.

  • Nyanappanahalli bus stop – 500 m
  • Hanuman temple bus stop – 650 m
  • Akshaya Nagar New town bus stop – 1.2 km

Cab Services

Cab Services

Life is made easy by the project location’s appropriate access to taxi services. The commute and travel time are not concerning for the resident. It is simple and quick to get a cab facility from the project site.

Key Distances

Pancha Linga Nageshwara temple – 950 m

Pancha Linga Nageshwara temple

It is a 1300-year-old temple. Two shrines within the temple complex, the Nageshvarasvami and Nageshvara, were commissioned during the rule of Western Ganga dynasty Kings Nitimarga I and Ereyappa Nitimarga II. The remaining shrines are considered a later-day legacy of the rule of the Chola Dynasty, Hoysala Dynasty, and Vijayanagara Empire over the region. An Old Kannada inscription, dated c. 890 that describes a Bangalore war (modern Bangalore city) was discovered in this temple complex by the epigraphist R. Narasimhachar.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden – 9 km

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Lalbagh Botanical Garden, nestled in the heart of Bangalore, Karnataka, is a historic and sprawling botanical paradise spanning over 240 acres. Established by Hyder Ali in the 18th century and later renovated by his son, Tipu Sultan, the garden showcases a diverse collection of floral beauty. Visitors can explore themed gardens, ancient trees, and the iconic Glass House, inspired by London’s Crystal Palace. Lalbagh hosts the annual flower show, attracting enthusiasts from across the country.

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace – 11.3 km

Tipu Sultans Summer Palace

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is a stunning blend of traditional Hindu and Islamic architectural styles. The palace has beautiful floral motifs and beautiful arches with intricate carvings. The palace also houses a beautiful courtyard surrounded by intricately carved pillars. The palace walls are adorned with frescoes depicting hunting scenes and other aspects of Tipu Sultan’s life. The palace also has a beautiful Durbar Hall, which the king used to meet his subjects and hold important meetings.

The archaeological survey of India now maintains the palace and has been converted into a museum. The museum houses several artefacts and objects that belonged to Tipu Sultan, including his sword, clothes, and personal belongings. The museum also has a beautiful collection of paintings, photographs, and other objects that showcase the region's rich cultural heritage.

Bangalore Fort – 11.4 km

Bangalore Fort

The Bangalore Fort was built in 1537 using mud as its primary construction material. The builder was Kempegowda I, a Vijayanagar Empire vassal and Bangalore's founder. In 1761, Hyder Ali replaced the mud fort with a stone fort. Later, his son Tipu Sultan further improved the fort in the late 18th century. Unfortunately, the fort was damaged during an Anglo-Mysore war in 1791. Despite this, it remains a great example of 18th-century military fortification.

Bangalore Palace – 14.4 km

Bangalore Palace

An epitome of great architecture and beauty, The Majestic Bangalore Palace preserves the spice of old regal opulence. Currently the central attraction in Bangalore, the palace was built in 1878. Chamarajendra Wadiyar's British Guardians bought the original property in 1873 from the principal of Bangalore Central High School, Rev J Garret, using his funds.

The palace is extraordinarily vast and spread across 45,000 square feet. A mixture of Tudor and Scottish Gothic architecture has resulted in the grand palace that we see today. The palace's wooden structure and the beautiful carvings both inside and outside showcase the royal culture in different ways.

Dodda Alada Mara – 25 km

Dodda Alada Mara

Dodda Alada Mara, or The Big Banyan Tree, is a gigantic 400-year-old banyan tree located in the village of Kethohalli in Bangalore. Dodda Alada Mara boasts of being the second-largest banyan tree in India.

This massive tree is characterised by aerial prop roots that have matured into thick, woody trunks identical to the main trunk. Using these prop roots, the Big Banyan Tree has spread laterally over 3 hectares. After the primary trunk succumbed to disease in the 2000s, it now appears like a grove of trees, with prop roots interlacing each other.

Begur Road

Begur Road

One such important neighbourhood in South Bangalore is Begur, which is rapidly developing and becoming the area's newest centre for business and residential activity. The setting provides the perfect harmony between lavish public spaces and well-planned infrastructure.

Begur Road's expansion is mostly driven by its closeness to major commercial and IT areas. Begur Road enjoys being well-connected to important IT parks, shopping malls, hospitals, educational facilities, and entertainment districts. Numerous current residential and commercial projects in the neighbourhood are a result of the buzz it has generated among potential investors and homebuyers.

Begur Road and its Connectivity

Begur Road is an emerging neighbourhood in Bangalore, which is notable for its excellent connectivity. The location provides convenient and simple access to Bangalore's main thoroughfares, including M G Road, NH 44, and Hosur Road. From here, tackling every other aspect of the work is easy. Sarjapur Road and Whitefield Road are both conveniently located. MG Road, the centre of the city, is 14.6 km away.

One of Bangalore's most well-known technology centres, Electronic City, is situated in Konappana Agrahara on 332 acres. It's only 5.4 miles away from Begur Road. Across multiple IT parks and business campuses, it is home to a sizable workforce, making it one of the busiest areas in South Bangalore. This area has several significant tech parks, including Gold Hill Supreme Park, Wipro Technologies Campus, Infosys Campus, Salarpuria Infozone, Cyber Park, Tech Mahindra SEZ Park, and TCS Think Campus.

Thanks to the well-planned road system and forthcoming metro connectivity, residents of this neighbourhood may move conveniently and visit the city's key attractions. The neighbourhood's roadways are well-constructed. The other neighbourhoods in the city are open to everyone. Every significant location and workplace is conveniently accessible.

Airport connectivity

Begur Road connects with Bellary Road and NH 44 to Kempegowda International Airport. Travellers can choose an easy route and get to their destination quickly. The distance between Kempegowda International Airport and Begur Road is 45 km. Commuting is made easy by the immaculate state of the connecting roads to Begur and the airport.

Metro Connectivity

The Namma Metro Yellow Line now connects the eastern and western regions of the city, which are its two main areas. The Yellow Line is 19 km long and runs from R V Road to Bommasandra. Along with connecting several significant areas, the route also passes through Majestic, MG Road, Vidhana Soudha, and Indiranagar. Near the metro stations are a number of bus and train stations that offer quick access to various areas of the city.

Major stations in the Namma Metro line

  • Silk Board
  • Electronic City
  • Hosa Road
  • Hebbagodi
  • Kudlu Gate

Road Connectivity

Being connected to the city’s important areas, Begur Road is a prime location. It makes travelling hassle-free for commuters. Begur Road’s principal linked roads are;

  • M G Road
  • NH 44
  • Hosur Road

This location provides extended access to NICE Ring Road and Peripheral Road. By selecting an easy- to-use form of transportation, the people living on Begur Road can easily go to their destination.

Hospitals near Prestige Southern Star

Hospitals near Prestige Southern Star

  • Sree Lakshmi Multi Specialty Hospital
  • Jayashree Multi Specialty Hospital
  • Kavya Hospital
  • Fortis Hospital
  • Spurthy Hospital
  • Akshaya Hospital
  • Prashanth Hospital
  • Nano Hospital
  • Apollo Hospital

Educational Institutions near Prestige Southern Star

Educational Institutions near Prestige Southern Star

  • The Oxford College of Pharmacy
  • Royale Concorde International School
  • Presidency English School
  • St. Theresa’s School
  • St. Ignatius Public School
  • Salonee Public School
  • Bluezone Public School

Shopping centres near Prestige Southern Star

Shopping centres near Prestige Southern Star

  • Vega City Mall
  • Royal Meenakshi Mall
  • Sara complex
  • Gopalan Mall
  • Shoppers Stop

IT and Tech parks near Prestige Southern Star

IT and Tech parks near Prestige Southern Star

  • CL Technologies
  • Delphide Technologies
  • Quinnox
  • Tally Education Pvt Ltd
  • AMR Tech Park
  • Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Prestige Southern Star located?

Prestige Southern Star is located on Begur Road in South Bangalore, 560076.

2. Which significant IT parks are close to the project's location?

Major IT and tech parks in South Bangalore, including CL Technologies, Delphide Technologies, AMR Tech Park, etc., are close to the project's site.

3. Is there metro connectivity at this location?

The location will have metro connectivity thanks to the forthcoming yellow metro line. From the project location, it will be simple to go to the Singsandra and Kudlu metro stations, two significant metro stations.

4. How close are the essential facilities to the project site?

The project's Begur Road location makes access to all nearby amenities possible. There are numerous reputable shopping centres, IT parks, hospitals, colleges, schools, etc. The occupants' commute time will be significantly reduced.

5. Is Electronic City close to the project's location?

Electronic City is about 5.4 km distant from the project site. Many IT and IT enterprises are located in Electronic City, which is easily accessible to the residents. The people who live on Begur Road now have more work options.

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