Kempegowda International Airport

Kempegowda International Airport

Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) Road or simply Airport Road in Bangalore is not just a thoroughfare but also a lifeline connecting the bustling city to the rest of Bangalore, our country and also abroad. Named after the founder of Bangalore, Nadaprabhu Hiriya Kempe Gowda, this road serves as the gateway to one of the busiest airports in India, Kempegowda International Airport.

Stretching across approximately 35 kilometers, the Airport Road is a well-planned and crucial transportation channel. It seamlessly links the heart of Bangalore to the state-of-the-art airport located in Devanahalli, ensuring smooth and efficient connectivity for travelers. The road is a testament to Bangalore's commitment to modern infrastructure, featuring multiple lanes, well-maintained pathways, and greenery that provides a pleasant drive for travellers.

  • The strategic importance of Airport Road extends beyond its connectivity to the airport. It has spurred significant real estate development in its vicinity, with commercial complexes, residential projects, and hospitality establishments flourishing along its stretch.
  • This growth has not only enhanced the area's economic prospects but has also transformed it into a vibrant hub for business and leisure. The proximity of Prestige Southern Star to the international airport has encouraged the development of commercial and retail spaces along Airport Road.
  • Businesses are keen to establish their presence in this high-visibility area, anticipating increased footfall from both locals and travellers. The development of office spaces, malls, and commercial complexes has contributed significantly to the economic landscape of the region.

The expansion and improvement of the Prestige Southern Star infrastructure along Airport Road have played a pivotal role in attracting real estate investments. Upgrades in road connectivity, public transportation, and the overall development of civic amenities have made the area more accessible and appealing to both developers and potential homeowners.

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