Prestige Southern Star 1 BHK Floor Plan

Floor plans display the arrangement of rooms and spaces as seen from above. The Prestige Southern Star floor plan provides a general concept of the 1 BHK flats offered here. Thanks to these 3D diagrams, buyers will be able to see every room in their future homes, including the kitchen, study, utility room, entrance, dining room, bedrooms, and even the balcony.

Prestige Southern Star
Type Apartments
Project Stage Prelaunch
Location Begur Road, Bangalore
Builder Prestige Group
Floor Plans 1,2 & 3 BHK
Price Updated Soon
Total Land Area Not Available
Total Units Upcoming
Size Range Onrequest
Approvals NA
Launch Date Not Available
Pre-launch Date Coming Soon
Completion Date 5 years from launch
Possession Date NA

Prestige Southern Star 1 BHK floor plan has a floor area that starts at 750 sq. ft. This new property features a tiny, smaller-sized 1 BHK apartment designed for singles and bachelors. Each project's one-bedroom apartment has a large balcony with room for a sit-out. Every apartment is designed to make the most use of the available space. Every room has ample storage space that is well-utilized.

The Prestige Group is set to launch its next residential project, Prestige Southern Star, on Begur. This magnificent property spans a large area and will contain 1, 2, and 3 BHK sets of outstanding apartments in strategically positioned high-rise towers. The project will begin in November 2024, following permission by RERA. This project will be in possession by December 2028. The residence layout is displayed in the Prestige Southern Star 1 BHK apartment floor plan. This apartment complex has very carefully considered how to arrange each unit.

Prestige Southern Star 1 BHK floor plan has

  • a big living area,
  • a big bedroom
  • a kitchen spaces
  • a bathroom
  • a balcony

Advantages of investing in Prestige Southern Star 1 BHK apartments

The affordability of a 1 BHK apartment at Prestige Southern Star is one of its biggest benefits. A one- bedroom apartment is a great place to start for someone on a tight budget or buying their first property. Because of the compact unit size, there are lower expenses, such as a smaller down payment and fewer monthly instalments.

Buyers are in great demand for 1 BHK apartments in locations like Bangalore. While bachelors make up the majority of potential buyers for one-bedroom apartments, investors also appear drawn to them. Among the reasonably priced residential properties is the 1 BHK. If you have a limited budget, the properties provide excellent rental choices. There is a need for one-bedroom apartments in the city due to the migratory population.

Compared to multi-bedroom apartments, single-bedroom apartments require less effort, meaning maintenance is simpler. This is another significant benefit of investing in one. Due to their ease of rental in major cities, one-bedroom apartments are excellent assets. People like inexpensive rent along with community living; thus, they are also easy to rent.

One-bedroom apartments are always a profitable investment with strong returns. Investors find it easier to invest in one-bedroom flats because they are cheaply priced. Due to the lower cost of a one-bedroom apartment, loan repayment is simpler, and the interest rate will be lower.

Notably, purchasing a one-bedroom apartment makes it simpler to sell it down the road when demand increases. If you choose to sell, a buyer will come along soon. Purchasing a 1 BHK flat at Prestige Southern Star is a great decision because these reasonably priced homes are assumed to appreciate more over time.

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